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RAVENOUS – Digestive Support

RAVENOUS – Digestive Support

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  • The most comprehensive appetite enhancing/digestive aid on the market, Ravenous stimulates your body’s hunger hormones and enhances nutrient utilization.
  • Helps to break down food more efficiently, enhancing nutrient partitioning in the process.
  • Ideal for athletes looking to consume more calories, promote digestive health and improve nutrient partitioning.

120 Capsules Per Bottle

The Ultimate Appetite and Digestion Solution

Ravenous – is the most complete all round Appetite enhancement and Digestive cleansing product to hit the market. It contains four different complexes that not only stimulates appetite but helps clean the digestive tract to keep its overall functioning at an optimum level.

  • OPTIMASS – Herbal combination to aid efficient digestion.
  • DIGESTAPLEX – To safeguard from a build up of toxins.
  • OPTIZYME – Combination of potent enzymes to kick-start the digestive process.
  • ELIMATOX – Helps cleanse the digestive tract.

The ultimate bulking agent: Ravenous is the most complete appetite enhancing and digestive cleansing product to hit the market. Designed for individuals looking to pack on serious muscle and increase nutrient uptake. The unique OPTIMASS and OPTIZYME complex within the formula is designed to induce a ravenous appetite, where you’re able to substantially increase your calorific uptake to facilitate muscle gains. The DIGESTAPLEX and ELIMATOX complex’s assist in cleansing the digestive tract and safeguarding against the build-up of toxins in the body. This results in an enormous increase in nutrient utilization, ensuring the extra calories consumed go towards building muscle with optimal digestive health not compromised.

How Ravenous works!

Ravenous is not only designed to increase appetite. It can also be beneficial in allowing the body to efficiently digest the food we ingest. The best way to boost appetite is to increase the rate at which the body is able to digest food and so converting, utilizing and absorbing nutrients is more effective. The all natural complex has been designed to aid in the breakdown of food rapidly and ensure that nutrient turnover is at optimum levels so muscle growth and recovery is supported.

The four complexes work together to –

1)      Safeguard against health issues associated with improper digestion.

2)      Help the digestive process become more efficient, speed up digestion itself and increase nutrient uptake along with increased protein utilization.

3)      Starts the process of breaking down food as soon as it is ingested.

4)      Cleanse the tract, like a mild detox, to reduce toxins within the tract that prevent correct digestion.

Ravenous will also improve the body’s pH (potential of Hydrogen).  When the body has a good pH balance, it functions correctly and is able to fight diseases and infections. However, if the balance is compromised, this can cause the immune system to weaken and lower its efficiency to ward off infections, viruses and other diseases. This compromising of the pH balance is known as Acidosis. This is where the environment within the body becomes very acidic, which can become dangerous as it weakens the body’s ability to function correctly. Basically, the high acidity causes a break-down at a cellular level and destroys the healthy components within the cells.

How Ravenous will benefit you!

As you can see, Ravenous has been designed for overall body health and functioning and has a whole host of benefits. You will notice:

  • Increased appetite
  • Better overall sense of well-being
  • Less feeling of bloating after meals
  • Improved recovery levels
  • Accelerated growth
  • Reduced chance of increased body fat due to digestion and nutrient uptake being improved
  • Reduction in the build up of gas
  • Reduction in acid reflux and acidity level


Who should use Ravenous?

Ravenous will be of benefit to all individuals who train, but it is mainly beneficial to those who –

a) suffer from bloating after eating large meals

b) cannot eat sufficient calories to maintain physical development

c) suffer from acid reflux and indigestion

d) suffer from excess flatulence

e) gain body fat easily rather than lean muscle

f) consume high amounts of protein within their diet

g) look to gain weight in the off season but struggle with their appetite

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